Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Does 'Kelly Goes Green' mean anyway?

Hello world. This is my first blog.

Call me crazy, but I love moving. There is something liberating about down sizing and having very few material posessions. Right now, I don't own much and am planning on moving. My new house sister suggested I blog about it.

Here is my experiment... I am buying a 1976 raised ranch (yes the Cadillac of architecture from a period known for its lasting beauty!) I want to furnish this house with nothing new. I also want to make it energy efficient and environmentally friendly. So every piece of furniture, every spoon, every towel will be reused - mostly from my very generous and loving family and friends (some of them don't know it yet).

I reserve one exeption to this rule: beds.

Did you know that most mattresses weigh 20 lbs more when they are discarded than when they were new? I'm sure you are asking yourself why... until... you realize.

Dead skin cells,
Dead dust mites who ate those dead skin cells,
Dead dust mite poop,
and TWENTY POUNDS of it!

I will, however, search out the best organic mattress. Many of them are naturally dust mite repelling, which is great because I am allergic to dust mites. The natural beds also don't have the chemical flame retardants in them. I don't care how much I ingest, but I want my daughter to be kept away from as much of that stuff as possible.

So off I go on my adventure into the land of green. I'm sure I'll make some mistakes, learn some tough lessons and end up cleaning A LOT, but that's what makes life interesting!

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